LibreServo objectives

As I already mentioned in A little history about me, with my first biped I encountered several obstacles, the price of the servomotors and their quality were the biggest determining factors. For my second biped (I already had a job), I decided to go overboard and not to look at the price of the servo motors. I wanted powerful ones, of good quality and that the passage of time and use didn't harm them. I ended up buying the Hitec 5990TG, servo motors with 30Kg/cm of force and titanium gears. I got them at a very good price, with an extraordinarily favorable euro-dollar exchange rate. Even so, the price of the biped had tripled and after its use I detected a new problem, they were powerful and of clearly superior quality to the ones I had before, but they were still "stupid". Finally and for different reasons (among others the exorbitant price of building a biped by hand), I stopped building bipeds and turned to the cars (line-followers, trackers...).


A little history about me

My name is Luis Picó. I was born on June 24, 1986 and I have always loved technology, I consider myself a rather curious person with a somewhat restless mind.

Let's go directly to 2008. In that year I was finishing my degree in Technical telecommunications engineering specialty Telematics at the San Mamés University, Bilbao, and I was already looking for a possible final degree project. I chose the degree the day before to have to choose possible degrees, I don't know how it works in other countries, but in my time, in Spain, you had to take a comprehensive exam at the end of school at 17-18 years old, and once you passed the exam, you had to fill a sheet with the five degrees you "liked" more and depending on your grade with respect to the rest of the people, you could enter one degree or another. The issue is that I had no idea what degree I wanted to pursue and just the day before having to make the choice, I found the degree of telematics. It had a computer part, a telecommunications part and an electronics part... Something would like me!!