LibreServo v2.3.1. Release Version

LibreServo has finally reached the first final Hardware release (version 2.3.1)!


It has been a long road and there is still a long road ahead, but now on the software side. LibreServo will not stop here and later on there will come new projects that make use of LibreServo, like a possible 3D biped robot, but all of that will come in the future and all of it will be announced here so let's stop the guessing and talk about the now.

In this version small modifications were made to the release candidate 2.3 as we saw in the changes in the final version article. In addition, all the promised versions of LibreServo were already made, version with two connectors and version with only one connector on one side to facilitate its use in any project and situation.

LibreServo v2.3.1

The schematic has also been modified and it has been used to find and put in it alternative parts that are compatible with the PCB. In these times of scarcity it does not hurt to remember the stores that I personally use to find and buy components.

Finally, not only the schematics have been uploaded to the LibreServo github, but also the gerber files so that you can have LibreServo produced directly (to produce LibreServo in 4 layers instead of 6, remove the .G2 and .G3 files from the compressed file). Except the encoder file, the rest are ready to use the Specify a location option in the Remove Order Number option offered by JLCPCB, the control number that JLCPCB puts is under the JST connector once the board is soldered, so it is perfect. In the encoder you will have to use the Yes option in Remove Order Number because it is such a small PCB that the JLCPCB number does not fit.
LibreServo v2.3.1 Schematic


LibreServo v2.3.1 PCB Gallery

Main plus Encoder
Main Left Connector
Main Right Connector


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