LibreServo cambia de Dominio

Domain change to LibreServo changes to

This last month and a half I have had several problems with my domain that have finally led to a change of domain.

Two months ago I received an email from my "domain manager" indicating that the auto-renewal had had a problem. Unfortunately this email went to spam and I didn't find out until I lost the domain and it was fallow for a month and a half. During that period they offered me to pay 100€ to recover it... but it seemed to me an abuse and I preferred to wait.

A month and a half later, the domain was finally released and could be bought again, but to my astonishment DomainProfi had gone ahead and stolen my domain! I talked to them and they told me that if I wanted my domain back I would have to pay, what a blatant theft! 🤬 So I decided to tell them to fuck off and change the domain to, something I should have done from the very beginning a month and a half ago.

The change is not trivial, but after several hours of work, LibreServo is active again. Unfortunately, all the position it had achieved in Google has been lost and despite the fact that the .eu domain has not been working for months, Google continues to show results for that domain... I don't know how long it will take to forget the old domain and learn the new one. Be that as it may...

Long live!



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