Desingns, schematics and PCB

EDITED: 07/12/2021
The schematics shown here are outdated and have various bugs and changes. It will be updated in the future.

EDITED: 10/9/2018
After detecting the error that I made in error in LibreServo v1b, I decided not only to correct that error but to try to update, correct and improve several things that I had detected in the v1.b version as I mentioned in the new design and order of LibreServo v1c. Therefore I have updated the files (images) of this entry as well as the LibreServo's github.


After detecting the error in the design in the serial communication part as I commented in the rush, that bad advisor, I had to update the designs and therefore the designs previously shared here and here are outdated. As this could happen more times in the future, and as I also want to share the files themselves, I leave in this post the latest edition of the designs in photo and in Github I will leave the uploaded files also. Of the PCB layout file, there are 4 versions. Versions a, b and c correspond to the special versions that I had manufactured as I mentioned and explained in the entry of my first LibreServo order.

LibreServo v1c schematic


LibreServo v1c PCB Gallery


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