LibreServo v2. New hopes

This little entry is to announce that the new LibreServo has arrived, I was able to solder it without any problem and it is fully working! 🥳

LibreServo v2 Soldering the first LibreServo v2

After the tests I did with the test boards v1 and v2 many changes were made to the design of LibreServo. Because of those many changes, LibreServo moves to version 2.

First LibreServo v2

In these weeks I have been working on the protocol and the final programming of LibreServo. I will release an initial and fully functional version and later I will be adding more specific and complex functionalities. LibreServo will not stop evolving and improving but already the first version of the software will be completely disruptive to the market, I'm really looking forward to show you what I have in my hands.

Any suggestions or functionality that you may want in LibreServo at a programming level, do not hesitate to comment below to add it to LibreServo.


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