LibreServo v2.3 schematics. Candidate version

A few days ago I presented LibreServo version 2.2 and announced that I had one last final change... this time the wait has not been long and I bring the new version of LibreServo, version 2.3.
This version should already be the final hardware version of LibreServo .
The biggest change that LibreServo has had in this latest version with respect to the previous one is the H-bridge. Risky move seeing what it cost me to make it work but I think it will be a remarkable improvement and the missing component to make LibreServo the definitive option.
After much searching, I finally found a replacement for the FDS8858CZ mosfet, I didn't want to replace it with another model, I wanted to replace it with another encapsulation. At LCSC I found the model WSD3069DN56. These mosfet (N+P), come in a DFN5x6 package with a heat dissipation far superior to the SOIC-8, instead of 7A continuous (which with the most powerful servomotors would be just enough), supports 16 amps continuous! More than enough to always run cool regardless of the servomotor. They are also as fast or faster than those of Onsemi and if that were not enough, much cheaper. In principle there should be no problem to replace one for the other.
I have also changed a little the schematic, trying to make it "cleaner".

This time I leave the schematics before sending it to manufacture, I would like to wait a few days before sending it to manufacture it in case someone sees a bug and/or improvement to be able to implement it before making the final order, so I would appreciate any suggestion... even a simple "hello" 😜

LibreServo v2.3 Schematic


LibreServo v2.3 PCB Gallery


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